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The 3 Best Free Online Workout Programs

There’s no shortage of free online workout programs, but finding the best is a challenge unless you have time to research and test all of the options. And who has that kind of time? Physical exercise has a plethora of benefits, such as weight loss, hormone regulation, and mental clarity. Whether you enjoy working out inside your home or outside, exercising does not have to be expensive. In fact, exercising can be completely free.

The three best free online workout programs are:

  1. Tone it Up
  2. Bully Juice
  3. Yoga with Adrienne

While there are plenty of free online programs, it does take time to find the perfect free online workout program for you. For a shortlist of the best, keep reading.

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What is the Best Free Online Workout Program?

The best free online workout program is the Nike Training Club App. The Nike Training Club is a downloadable app for most devices and is stocked with workouts that are taught in different ways. The app offers class-style, whiteboard, and multi-week programs.

The class-style workouts are classes that are led by an instructor where you can follow along. This video can be paused if you need a break or water and provides guidance and encouragement throughout the video. The whiteboard workout will list out every activity that you will need to do and the reps to complete your workout.

The multi-week programs are a set of workouts that complement each other and build upon the last workout.

The app allows you to choose your identified gender, your workout level, muscle groups you would like to work with, how long a workout you are aiming for, and even nutrition and wellness recipes for smoothies and plates.

When looking for a free online workout program, the most essential thing to search for is a program that fits your goals for your body. You will want to get a program with various kinds of workouts that can strengthen and tone your body while being enjoyable.

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Is it Possible to Exercise for Free?

It is possible to exercise for free when using an app like Nike Training Club App. There are no hidden fees to unlock specific videos. The Nike Training App does not have a monthly billing cycle or ask for any kind of payment information.  

Additionally, videos on host sites like YouTube are entirely free and require no membership.  You can even subscribe to your favorite channels and receive alerts when new videos are posted.

You can also workout for free by:

  • Exercise in the park by walking along the trail
  • Go swimming in your nearby lake or neighborhood pool
  • Do simple exercises like squats, jumping jacks, and planks that utilize your body weight
  • Subscribe to YouTube channels
  • Download apps that do not require in-app purchases

The 3 Best Free Online Workout Programs

The 3 Best Free Online Workout Programs are programs that are versatile, easy to access, and free of any monetary obligations. For the online workout programs that are on YouTube, it could be an amazing opportunity to create a watchlist of your favorite videos.

This also gives you the opportunity to create a unique workout plan for yourself that is a mixture of videos from different channels.

1. Tone It Up

Tone It Up is an online workout program that is completely free of charge to use. This program has been running since September 5, 2009, and boasts over 790K subscribers and 73 million views. It is hosted on YouTube, and the videos are typically between 5 minutes to 20 minutes long.

The channel has dance, yoga, indoor cycling, and HITT workouts. The workouts are for both beginners and more advanced dancers or cyclers. Tone It Up also has health and family vlogs in addition to recipes and nutritional tips. The recipes include protein and green smoothies, cauliflower pizza, and other low-calorie options.

The Tone It Up workout takes place inside and outside on the beach to provide a relaxing atmosphere to those that are following along. This channel also has an app of the same namesake that allows users to create a profile and keep track of the videos they are watching. Some of the videos on Tone It Up require equipment in the HITT and cycling videos.

To help you decide if Tone it Up is the best free, online workout program for you, here are the pros and cons:

Variety of workout options like dance, yoga, and HITTNo in-person instructor to correct your posture and form
Completely free of chargeVideo length varies for workouts
Pick videos at your leisureNot a set program to follow;
Includes supplements that aid weight loss like food and smoothie optionsCreating a strong set of videos that work for you is your responsibility

2. Bully Juice

Bully Juice is a free online workout program that was established in November 2015. The channel has over 1.23 million subscribers and 114 million views. Bully Juice has videos broken down into categories that include arm day, leg day, full-body, booty, abs, lower body, and chest workouts. Additional categories include cardio, exercises with or without equipment, and instructor-led challenges.

Instructor-led challenges range from 5 days to 45 days. The videos are detailed with timers in the corner to help keep you on track, a model of how the workout should be completed, and a counter for your sets. Bully Juice also shows his physical transformation over the years based on his workout regime.

Bully Juice workouts are high-intensity workouts and require the ability to easily move from standing to sitting to laying. The workouts are made for people who are looking for a challenge or who are physically athletic. These workouts can be utilized by anyone but are geared toward the male body.

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of Bully Juice to help you narrow down your free online workout program choices:

Full body workoutGeared towards the male body
Monthly workouts that follow a specific structureHigh-intensity workouts that require a wide space
Utilize timers and rep countsMay require equipment

3. Yoga with Adrienne

Yoga with Adrienne has an Instagram with the same name and was created in August 2012. This channel has 10 million subscribers and 955 million views. The channel focuses on cultivating a space of calmness and self-love. Yoga is a workout that caters to toning your body and enriching your mental state. Beginners and advanced yoga workouts are available on the channel and clearly labeled for viewers.

There are playlists that are already created on the channel that are separated by level, time, or language. Yoga with Adrienne has videos that are best for concentration, relaxation, working your core, or achieving better balance.

Many of the videos require a yoga mat, water, and comfortable clothes, but no extra equipment needs to be purchased. In place of a yoga mat, you can use a sturdy sheet or blanket or complete the videos in a carpeted area. The channel also has 30 Day grouped sets of yoga that focus on a specific theme like shifting your mind, blanket yoga, or healing.

Yoga with Adrienne is the best channel if you look for workouts that are not rough and strenuous on your body or joints.

All three of these free online workouts are carefully created to give users an amazing gym or class experience for no charge or travel and optimum convenience. Choosing the right program for you is based on the changes you would like to see in your body. It is also based on the kind of teaching style that you prefer.

Some of the channels or apps include music or constant words of encouragement, timers, and rep counting.  The best three free online workout programs have thousands of positive comments, a strong fan base and have been established for a few years.

More importantly, these channels have free, safe, and effective workouts that are readily available and provide a variety of workouts for all body types and skill levels.

Here’s a quick briefing of the pros and cons of Yoga with Adrienne:

Accessible for all agesLow impact workouts
No travel requiredMostly yoga workouts
Instructor is a senior as wellLacks in-person supports for workouts
Focuses on both physical and mental wellnessNo strong aerobic or cardio workouts

The Best Free Online Workout Program for Seniors

Seniors want to look good and feel energized, just like everyone else. However, senior workouts can be trickier because seniors may be more susceptible to injury. Do not let age, injury, or mobility hinder your workouts; Fabulous50’s has something for everyone.

Fabulous50’s is founded by Schellea Fowler, who is in her late fifties. This channel was created in July 2017 with over 1 million subscribers and 84 million views. In the videos, Fowler is the instructor. She is also a life and business coach.

Fabulous50’s has low impact workouts that focus on slimming and toning the body. Workouts include walking, dumbbell exercises, stretching, and aerobic exercises that may require the use of a chair or firm lodging for support. Many of the workouts are conducted outside. However, they can be done from the comfort of your home.

Most of the videos do not require any equipment, and those that do are dumbbells, a yoga mat, or a nearby bench. The videos range from 2 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the kind of activity that is being modeled.

Unlike most programs created for seniors, many of these workouts can be done standing or sitting and do not require you to be in one position the entire time. This program is unique because it focuses on topics and areas of the body that are of interest to most seniors, such as the arms, neck, and healthy eating. The channel also includes tips for looking younger and hair care.


Before jumping into any new workout regime, be sure to watch a few videos to get the essence of the challenge and accurately assess your abilities, workout goals, and needs before jumping into any of the videos. If any of the videos require equipment, follow the directions for appropriate use and storage.

Choosing an online program provides the opportunity for viewers to workout at their own pace and challenge themselves without pressure but leaves the responsibility of appropriate movement and pace up to the viewer. You know your body the best, so be sure to take breaks when necessary and incorporate rest days into your schedule.

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