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The 3 Best Online Fitness Programs in the UK

If there is anything that the global pandemic taught the world, it was how to pivot. One of the areas people had to think differently about was exercise. Many people turned to the internet to keep up with their fitness goals even during the lockdown and to combat various emotions caused by isolation.

The 3 best online fitness programs in the UK will depend on the purpose behind your workout. This is because there are several different types of programs out there that appeal to different people for a variety of reasons. 

To learn more about the best online fitness programs in the UK, you will need to know what you are trying to accomplish with your fitness goals. Keep reading to discover more about three of the best fitness programs and other top players in the online fitness industry.

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Who Are Some of the Top Players in Online Fitness in the UK?

A quick search on the internet will reveal that there are several fitness programs that are available online. Trying to wade through the masses and find the one that suits you best is the biggest challenge. There are definitely some programs that are better than others, but with a little time and effort, you will be able to find one that fits your needs.

One of the top names in the fitness industry worldwide is Nike. But did you know that they have a free app that allows you to take hundreds of different workout classes? Taught by first-class trainers, you will find everything from HIIT classes to yoga. Because the app is free to download and the classes are online, it makes it convenient to use just about anywhere.

Founded in New York, P.Volve’s was created by Stephen Pasterino, who desired to get his fitness program started all over the world, which is how it ended up in the UK. With the variety of more than 200 workout videos, customizable plans, and nutritional advice, there is something for everyone. P.Volve classes include everything from cardio to strength training and more.

For many women, finding a workout program that was actually designed for them can be a challenge. This is where SWEAT by Kayla Itsines comes in. She, along with her co-founder Tobi Pearce, launched the app to help women reach their fitness goals. With a wide range of classes, women of all fitness levels can find classes that fit their needs.

Many people consider not only a great fitness program but also affordability when looking for an exercise program. Freeletics offers a huge variety of classes based on personal data entered into the app at an extremely low cost—known as free. Once this is done, you can choose from some of the many classes available. For those who do not want to do this alone, they also offer personal training options.

And don’t forget the Tracy Anderson Method, which has been revolutionizing the fitness industry since 1999. In 2015, the fitness guru launched her online studio to meet the needs of people all over the world. With programs for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels, you should be able to find something that fits your lifestyle.

If you are looking for something with a little less intensity, look no further than FLY LDN’s online platform. For a fairly reasonable price, you can take advantage of classes such as yoga, Pilates, barre, and other low-impact options. If you enjoy these types of classes, you will enjoy doing them from the comfort of your own home.

What is the Most Popular Fitness Class in the UK?

While people differ in their preferences for fitness programs and classes, there are many who agree that some are better than others.

Yoga is the most popular workout class in the UK. There are people who believe that yoga is the best workout due to the variety and challenges it provides.

Whether you are a seasoned Yogi or are fairly new to the practice of yoga, you are sure to find plenty of classes to choose from where you live. Most gyms and online fitness centers offer a variety of yoga classes to fit your needs. From beginner to intermediate and advanced classes, you can find one that suits you best.

Many people enjoy the peacefulness that comes with the various yoga poses. Others reap the benefits of what yoga does for flexibility, posture, and all-over body conditioning. No matter the reason for taking the class, you will enjoy the benefits that come with the practice of yoga.

Since the pandemic left people isolated from society, finding a way to unwind and offset bouts of depression and anxiety became extremely vital. Yoga classes online provided a way to do just that. Many people needed a new way to alleviate stress within the new normal they found themselves in.

An added benefit of participating in yoga classes, especially from home, is that it does not require a lot of equipment. In most cases, you just need a mat, a resistance band, and possibly blocks to hold a steady pose. This is because yoga is focused on your body to control your movements.

The 3 Best Online Fitness Programs in the UK

When it comes to finding the best online fitness programs to fit your individual needs, you have a lot to choose from. Depending on your level of fitness and what your body type is, you are sure to find an online fitness program that works for you.

The three best online fitness programs in the UK are:

  1. Peloton
  2. Fiit
  3. Centr

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, you can access some really great programs with many world-class trainers and instructors. The world of the internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities at a touch of a button in most cases. You just have to decide what is best for you.

Many people in the UK and all over the world have accessed the phenomenon of online fitness programs. Classes that were once only offered in the gym are now available to anyone who has access to the internet. Because of this, the fitness industry has exploded in popularity. This is especially true for the programs that offer online options.

1. Peloton

Since its UK launch in September of 2018, Peloton has been one of the top fitness programs for many people. When you consider their addition of a UK instructor team in 2019, this makes for a great choice for many in the country. With classes for those that are experienced or just starting, you may find Peloton to be a good fit for your needs. 

While widely known for their stationary bike and spin classes, Peloton has a lot to offer. When you invest in a bike and their fitness program, you are getting an all-inclusive package for your fitness goals. Because the program is offered online, you are able to join classes with people from all over the world.

Whether you enjoy the fast-paced excitement of spin classes, running, or other cardio workouts, Peloton has just the class for you. They offer well-known instructors who guide you through classes with high intensity, great music, and an opportunity to compete with other people.

Within the thousands of classes they have available. They also offer a wide variety of strength training programs that are great for every level of fitness. Again, with world-class instructors, you will build strength and sculpt your muscles all from the comfort of your own home.

If you are looking for a break from the fast-paced, high-intensity workouts, look no further than Peloton. They also offer a wide variety of classes in yoga, stretching, and meditation. Instructors will challenge you and help you to relax and stretch, all while helping you meet your fitness goals.

2. FiiT

Created in 2017 with the vision of bringing the best fitness classes to anyone with an internet connection, three friends from London launched FiiT. With a plethora of fitness classes for people at all stages of their journey, you are sure to find a class or two that works for your needs.

Whether you enjoy variety in your workout or tend to stick with what you know, the FiiT app may be just what you need. The program offers three different types of workouts you can choose from, including cardio, strength, and rebalance.

With some of the top names in the fitness industry, the cardio “studio” offers a variety of high-intensity workouts to challenge those experienced athletes. But don’t worry, if you are just starting out, there are classes made just for you as well.

When you need to build muscle, the FiiT app has strength classes that are perfect for anyone who wants to become stronger. Using resistance training, your own body weight, and/or equipment, you can build and sculpt your muscles with great music and outstanding trainers.

If you enjoy the slower pace workout and the opportunity to refresh yourself, the rebalance classes are a great way to do that. With yoga, Pilates, mobility, and breathwork, this is a fantastic balance with cardio and strength training.

3. Centr

Chris Hemsworth is most famously known for his role as Thor. But did you know that he also is the creator of a fitness program called Centr? Chris, alongside his own personal trainer and stuntman, as well as world-class trainers and instructors from all over the world, has created a fitness experience that is beyond many that exist today.

With the motto of “train, eat, and live better,” Centr focuses on three specific areas of a fitness program. These areas include training, eating, and living. Within each of these, there is a team of experts to walk you through every aspect of your fitness journey.

Within the “train” section of the program, there is a wide variety of classes for every level of fitness. From HITT training to boxing and MMA style classes to yoga, Pilates, and meditation, this workout app has it all.

The “eat” section of the program is packed with meal plans no matter your eating preferences. Between plans, recipes, shopping lists, and more, the app takes the guesswork out of trying to eat healthily. They also include meals to accommodate a variety of dietary needs.


A needed break from the chaos of life is sometimes just what people need. The “live” section of the program focuses on mindfulness and calming the body. From guided meditation to sleep visualization techniques, you will find plenty to help your body relax.

Overall, you have a choice when it comes to your fitness journey. Whether you decide to go to a gym or access your training programs from home, you will find a wide variety of options to choose from in the UK. Keep in mind that with starting any new program, take it slow, and consult with a doctor if you have any questions about your health.