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The 5 Best Online Fitness Coaching Packages

Getting pumped at home doesn’t have to be complicated. There are so many choices for getting yourself in shape in the comfort of your home that you might be overwhelmed and not know how to choose the best online fitness coaching packages. Luckily, this list compares and contrasts some of the best online fitness packages with coaching options for your home.

A nice benefit of the five best online fitness coaching packages is that they are also cost-effective. They include:

  1. Kaizen
  2. The Big Dawgs
  3. Meg J Fitness
  4. Centr
  5. Trainiac

The five best online fitness coaching packages allow you to work out and get coached from the comfort of your home and include things like individualized support, friendly coaches, choice of workout routine, flexible schedules, and progress statistics, connected apps, and easy social media sharing. Read on for the list of the five best online fitness coaching packages.

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What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online fitness coaching is one of the best ways of staying in shape safely, securely, and conveniently at your home. You don’t have to go into a crowded gym space to get the personal coaching and fitness workouts and classes you want. Instead, with online fitness coaching, all you need is a smart device and access to the internet.

Online fitness coaching includes individualized support from coaches who run live workout sessions and who can also track your individual attendance and progress without in-person attendance.

These online coaching platforms are for people who are interested in working out in a social and gym environment without the need for in-person attendance. These allow you to work out at your own speed and at a convenient time since you can play the workout video at any time. You even get access to on-demand video coaching and workouts with some of the online fitness coaching packages.

However, some of the programs require you to use an app in which you load and record your own data. Most of the best fitness coaching programs have coaches who use this data for personalized workouts or counseling on workout routines and nutrition.

Is Online Fitness Coaching Worth It?

The world of online fitness coaching is becoming more accessible, detailed, and nuanced. Many different platforms make online fitness coaching a reality. Many of them are attached to real-life gyms and coaching offices or businesses. The addition of offering real-life gyms along with online fitness coaching is an excellent factor because it means that you could use the online as a hybrid and visit in person at some times.

Overall, the online fitness coaching model is well worth the money because they:

  • Tend to cost less
  • Give you on-demand access
  • Allow you to work out from the comfort and safety of your home

If you look at gym memberships, online fitness coaching tends to be less expensive. Of course, you don’t get all of the fancy equipment and spa service that comes with a gym membership. You also won’t be in the same room as your coach and other participants, which is not great for naturally social people.

However, for those who are self-motivated, looking for a discounted coaching experience for their fitness role, and want to work out from the safety and convenience of their home, using an online fitness coaching package is well worth the expense and lack of companionship that digital participation affords you.

What Comes in an Online Fitness Coaching Package?

Coaching packages are all-inclusive and can offer a number of different options depending on your price range. The key is that they are changing and are customized. Some of the most critical aspects of an online fitness coaching package include:

  • Weekly goals and coaching accountability check-ins that keep you on track
  • Assessing your current skill and fitness level
  • On-demand video and other cloud-based training resources that help you to train when it is appropriate for you
  • Customized weight lifting and workout programs that are changing on a continual basis, usually every five to eight weeks
  • Education about fitness and healthy living and eating so you can be self-reliant for your own health and fitness goals
  • Coaching calls with real people
  • Text message and email support for technical problems or encouragement

As you can see, online fitness coaching programs offer many of the same benefits that an in-person gym provides, with the convenience of being able to work out at home or whatever you want and at whatever time you want. These coaches can help motivated people stay motivated and get the workout goals they want.

The 5 Best Online Fitness Coaching Packages

The five best online fitness coaching programs include all of the best parts of a gym without the hassle of having to attend. You can work out and get support from a coach from the safety of your home. Some of these coaching programs are better than others for center training. As a word of caution, to use this list accurately, make sure you are honest about your fitness levels and goals.

1. Kaizen

One of the best apps for using power moves and Crossfit style workouts is the Kaizen app for fitness. Kettlebells are a huge part of the app and workout and include some power moves that can only be performed outdoors or with plenty of room indoors.

Virtual memberships get you to access on-demand video for workouts that progress as you complete them in intensity and length, as well as skill level. There are also live classes online that allow you to get the community of a gym workout from the safety and convenience of your home or living room.

The use of kettlebells is one of the most difficult aspects of this workout routine since they are:

  • Expensive
  • Large
  • Difficult to lift, move, and store

Some of the pros and cons of the Kaizen online fitness coaching packages include:


  • Strength training that gets results
  • Allows for in-person, online, and recorded coaching sessions
  • Integrated into other types of cardio workouts


  • Requires expensive equipment
  • Intense workouts for novice participants

Some of these workouts are much more social than others. However, overall the app is intense and a great workout for those who are devoted and not beginners.

2. The Big Dawgs

It is now possible for those interested in athletic training and coaching to get the best treatment and support online with apps and programs like those found in The Big Dawgs. The best part of the workout platform is that it is designed for those looking to progress with a coach. These coaching sessions are personalized and intense.

Some of the most important pros and cons of The Big Dawgs app Is an important part of your workout routine since it helps trainers track and help you set goals. Also, it has communications and allows scheduling for calls and workouts that work for you.

Some of the pros and cons of The Big Dawgs online fitness coaching packages include: 


  • Strength training with a variety of workout options
  • Intense training and interval training for athletes in all aspects of the sport
  • Sports training for off-season


  • For sports athletes primarily
  • More expensive than other programs

If you’re looking for a great workout coaching app and fitness program as an athlete, this program delivers on goal setting and intense workouts for both in-season and off-season athletes.

3. Meg J Fitness

This user-friendly fitness program helps you to set the goals that matter to you for the type of fitness level that you are trying to achieve. Goal setting on the app and with the coaches is easy and friendly.

The goal of this coaching program is to help you achieve chief results that are at your specific target level periods. Some of the best pros and cons of this fitness coaching program include.


  • Personalize the approach to goal setting
  • Approachable and reachable coaches during most times of the day
  • Quality assessment of fitness level


  • Not the best on-demand and video workout series
  • Limited availability of coaches, so there is a waitlist sometimes

This smaller yet user-friendly interface is a great fitness coaching program for people who have struggled in the past with weight loss or fitness goals. Their personalized approach is friendly and very achievable for almost all fitness levels.

4. Centr

As part of the program for this fitness coaching, mindfulness and the mind-body connection are shown by their appreciation of stretching, yoga, and meditation. The idea of being centered is at the heart of all they do. 

Also,  This is a celebrity endorsement fitness program by movie star Chris Hemsworth. It includes:

  • Coaching
  • Workout routines that aren’t routine
  • Meal replacements
  • Cooking for health and wellness

The fact that this is a celebrity workout program might turn some people off. However, the individualized coaching help is unique for a program like this. The quality of this program is better than most other celebrity programs and allows for fitness and health gains with a partnership of food and workouts. 

Some of the pros and cons of this fitness coaching program include:


  • Associated with a celebrity
  • Includes detailed meal plans for weight loss and other fitness goals


  • Limited individual coaching
  • Expensive when you do the meal plans

If you’re interested in achieving a fitness level that is at an elite level or are interested in healthier living and eating, this is a great program for you.

5. Trainiac

Participating in group workouts and then working one-on-one with a coach is at the core of this online fitness program. The coaches are able to set goals for you and help you achieve those goals through in-home workouts and individualized hour or two-hour-long sessions.

The individualized sessions with coaches are some of the best on this list. You will end up paying a premium for coach accountability regularly with this system. But, the outcome and level of support are worth it, especially for those who have a tendency to start workout routines and never finish them or get distracted easily.

Some of the pros and cons of this system include:


  • Is consistent training programs
  • Find a coach that fits your personality needs
  • Set and track goals over your workout history


  • More expensive than some other coaching programs
  • Does not sync with Samsung health

This is a great middle-of-the-road option for those who are looking for  Intense training some of the time and general workouts the other part of the time. The best part of this program that most people will enjoy is having one coach to hold you accountable over the history of your workout routine.


There is always video-on-demand training that you can do. However, these types of workout routines tend not to last for those who are not very motivated. Coaches are the best option for keeping accountable to a workout routine.

These wonderful online fitness coaching programs are quality and convenient. Get ready to transform your health and body into the new you.