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3 Great Sites To Get Started With Online Fitness Training

In today’s world, online fitness training is more popular than ever. People become members of online fitness programs for easy access to professional training and high-quality workouts without having to pay for membership to a gym. So, which sites should you check out to get started with online fitness training?

With the amount of online fitness training programs available, it can be difficult to choose a reliable option. Places like Online Fitness Monkey and others are high-quality sites that offer extensive training programs to suit your needs.

Read on to learn more about three great sites you can access to get started with online fitness training. Keeping in mind that there are plenty of options out there, the sites listed in this article are some of the best online fitness programs you will find. While you do not have to stick to these choices, they are sure to satisfy your exercise needs and accommodate your health goals.

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What Is Online Fitness Training?

Online fitness training is a convenient way to boost your health and fitness from a computer screen or phone.

Online fitness training websites typically include a wide variety of workout types to choose from, as well as specific information to help you in things like:

  • Working out for your body type
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Building your stamina
  • Even more benefits

With minimal equipment, online fitness training is just like lightweight, in-person training. Still, if you have an entire weight bench, dumbbells, and more at your disposal, there are online programs for more intensive workouts as well. So, depending on your own equipment and your reason for exercising, you will be able to find an online fitness program that adheres to your preferences.

Online fitness training websites will likely also give you access to features such as:

  • Food blogs
  • Articles on various ways to maintain your health
  • Tips for exercise form, execution, and recovery

As mentioned, online fitness training is just like training with someone face-to-face; the main difference is that you can exercise in the comfort of your own home, in a nearby park, etc.

Is Online Fitness Training Effective?

Online fitness training can be just as effective as going to a public gym and exercising. However, it can pose more obstacles than simply paying for an in-person membership at your local gym.

Below is a list of the most notable pros and cons of online fitness training:

● Access to exercises at your convenience
● Skip the oftentimes hectic environment of a gym during rush hour
● Specific workouts made for your goals, body type, and experience
● Access to much more than simple workouts
● Risk of less motivation to do an at-home workout
● Cost can be a waste of money if you do not invest yourself
● Usually, no personal interaction with a trainer

Disadvantages of Online Fitness Training

To start with the cons, first, there are some things you need to consider before deciding if an online fitness training program is right for you.

  • For one, it can be difficult to find the motivation to work out if you are not a member of a public gym. Especially if you do not have a variety of weights and equipment to use at home, convincing yourself to work out can be tough.
  • Also, though it may be hard to admit, some people’s main motivation to drive to a gym is that they are paying for a membership. If someone has access to an online fitness training program, it can actually be more difficult to follow through and take advantage of the program. If you associate getting in your car and driving to the gym with getting in shape, you may not feel an inclination to stay home and work out. Failure to stay motivated will result in a waste of money on your part.
  • Something that draws people away from online fitness programs is the fact that most of the time, you will not be paired with an actual personal trainer that will get to know you personally. Of course, not everyone at a gym uses a personal trainer, but particularly if you do not have experience with exercise, a personal trainer can be very beneficial.

With an online training program, you will likely not have the luxury of working with someone live, meaning that most of the exercises you are going to do will be through posted workouts or pre-recorded videos. This is another piece of evidence that could result in a lack of motivation.

Are there Advantages for Your at Home Workouts?

Now, before you convince yourself that online training is not for you, take a look at the pros. There are plenty of factors that can be more influential than the negative side of things. If used correctly, online fitness training can be just as – if not more – effective than in-person training.

The key here is to motivate yourself to work out regularly. If you can keep up with the commitment it takes to successfully use an online fitness program, the cons listed above should not hold you back. On top of this, below we have listed more advantages to consider.

  • For one, online fitness programs allow you to get your exercises in whenever it is convenient for you. If you have a short window to get a workout in, you can pull up your online program and get to work. If you have a day off of work on the weekend, you can spend as much time as you would like on your online program. This is additionally convenient for dodging a busy gym. When people get off work, it can oftentimes be difficult to find an area that is not full of other gym-goers.
  • Another plus to using an online fitness training program is that, although you may not have a personal trainer just for you, all of the information on the fitness website is at your disposal. You can read blogs to figure out a meal plan, learn about the types of exercises you should be doing, and more. There will also be so many training options to accommodate your goals and the type of workouts you are interested in.
  • Lastly, online fitness programs can be extremely educational. Sometimes, you may have an in-person trainer that does not take the time to teach you about certain things because they want to get your workout over with. While this is a sign that you may need to switch trainers, it is also something that you will not have to deal with through an online portal. Online fitness training is available to suit your needs.

As you can see, the pros of online fitness training far outweigh the cons. Of course, any option you choose may not check all the boxes on your list, but such is the same if you choose to be a member of an actual gym. They are not going to have everything you need. Nonetheless, online fitness training is an excellent choice, especially for those with potentially busy schedules.

How Can I Get Started With Online Fitness Training?

Getting started with online fitness training is simple. First, you need to do some research. Finding an online fitness training program that works for you is essential. Customer reviews and testimonials from friends and family can definitely help, but they do not automatically mean a certain training program will suit your needs.

To get started with online fitness training, look up several different sites and browse what they have to offer. You should take note of:

  • Different exercise styles
  • Access to blogs
  • Other health-related information
  • Price

Finding an online training program within your budget is just as important as any other factor. If you cannot afford it, it will not do you any good. Luckily, most online training programs cost substantially less than in-person gyms.

Once you have found an online fitness training program that appeals to you, make a plan. Figure out when you can set aside time to get active during the week. It is also advised that you make a point to take advantage of other features offered. For example, the blogs and articles on an online training site can be extremely useful on your health journey.

3 Great Sites To Get Started With Online Fitness Training

Below are three great sites to consider when getting started with online fitness training. Each site offers a wide range of features while also containing unique factors that set one apart from the other. By looking into these sites, you can build a solid foundation on which to grow your fitness abilities.

Online Fitness Monkey

Online Fitness Monkey combines professionalism with accommodation. You benefit from the site’s extensive knowledge of fitness training while also having the convenience of choosing when and how you work out. Online Fitness Monkey does an excellent job of incorporating a variety of exercises and information into your daily workout routine.

For Online FItness Monkey, it is not only about getting in shape. They aim to focus on your body’s health as it influences you physically and mentally. For them, it is not just about looking better.

While that is an added bonus, your fitness life also affects yourself and those around you. By approaching it correctly, you can provide a happier day-to-day living experience.

Unique offers:

  • Online personal trainer certification
  • Basic online courses
  • Intensive online programs
  • Articles of various categories to teach you about your health

Your investment in Online Fitness Monkey will be well worth it. As a site that seeks to meet as many of your needs as possible, Online Fitness Monkey is a top choice. You will benefit from both the fitness training offered and the vast information readily available for you to build your health journey. From the use of minimal equipment to heavy lifting, Online Fitness Monkey will have what you are looking for.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn has one of the widest varieties of fitness programs available.

It has gained massive amounts of popularity due to this feature. From exercise focused around high-intensity cardio to intensive workouts for strength and weight loss, you will have no problem finding a training program through Daily Burn that matches your preferences.

These additional benefits are something that is not always a guarantee of a free trial. Fortunately, Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial, allowing you to test the waters of the website and find a fitness training program that works for you. With thousands of programs to choose from and several customer testimonials, it is easy to see why Daily Burn appeals to so many people.

Unique offers:

  • Group exercises or one-on-one training
  • Basic workouts to expert-level training
  • In-depth, online personal fitness tracker
  • Wide range of blogs for daily education

Daily Burn checks off as many features as any other top-tier site. Because of its popularity, it might be more enticing to you than some other online fitness training programs. However, as said before, it is all about what appeals to you personally. If Daily Burn’s style meets those needs, it is a great choice.

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is yet another online fitness training option that is sure to satisfy just about anyone. With personalized training options, you can find the exercise style for you. You will also be equipped with the ability to track your progress as you go.

Like Online Fitness Monkey, Nike Training Club also gives attention to one’s wellness, both physically and mentally. With programs run by Nike Master Trainers, you benefit from great professionals who are focused on building their clients’ overall lifestyles.

Unique offers:

  • Option of exercise between 5 to 60 minutes
  • Basic level programs to expert trainee exercises
  • Specific focus on at-home workouts
  • Access to other Nike sites and apps to supplement your health journey

Nike is one of the most popular brands today, so it is no surprise that they have developed an impressive online fitness training program. With the opportunities at their hands, they provide just as much potential for you to get in better shape physically and mentally.


Online Fitness Training can be a great choice if you find the right site. It is important to do your own research and find an online program that fits your preferences. Working out through an online portal can be just as effective as going to a gym. That is, as long as you stay dedicated and take advantage of your opportunities.